Art in the Loo is a city-wide public art project in which 30-50 small paintings of Yucca plants will be installed anonymously in public bathroom stalls all over Santa Fe, for the duration of one year. 

Santa Fe artist Christy Hengst has a long history of planting art in unexpected places.  Some of her public projects include three bus stops, playground structures for parks and plazas, a circle of pictures treasure hunt, and the four year traveling installation Birds in the Park.  She also has shown in galleries and museums locally, nationally and internationally.  In this case, the project aims to create a little surprise and aesthetic pleasure in a place that typically is not considered in that way.  Give a little lift where it’s needed most.


     To make participation easy: Host sites are not responsible for damage or theft (some loss is expected as part of the character of the project); there will be no trace left at the end of the installation; and participation is free!


The pieces include lithography, drawing, painting and encaustic; 5”x7" or 9”x 12”, depending on location.  Mounted on thin wood panel, they are affixed to the bathroom stall wall or door with strong but damage-free adhesive.

The website address (on a removable sticker) next to the painting goes to a map of Santa Fe with all the locations.  There is no advertising, no name of the artist visible. For the person going to the bathroom, it is anonymous.

Meanwhile, an unusual invisible network will be formed amongst many different types of places in Santa Fe. The paintings create this invisible network, linked by content (the Yucca plant), the map of all the locations, a book which will include photos of all the installations, and at the end, an exhibit with all the paintings in one room.          
Possible locations include laundromats, restaurants, libraries, cafes, gas stations, the airport, the Farmer’s Market, Savers, the Motor Vehicle Division!  Art in the Loo is for a wide variety of people, including people who don’t normally go to see art — everybody has to go to the bathroom.


     This project is supported by a grant from Axle Contemporary in Santa Fe, and the Awesome Without Borders Foundation!